SD-WAN Gets Real As Cisco Systems Makes A Big Investment

There has been a lot of activity in the SD-WAN space, it is the “low hanging fruit” of SDN because it deals with point-to-point connections for the most part. Last year I predicted consolidation in the industry and we are seeing the beginning of that with the Cisco / Viptela acquisition. 

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Networking Predictions for 2017

Everyone has to start their year with predictions of what will happen. Generally we’ll all be simultaneously right and wrong because nobody can predict the future. But the trend lines are there and I believe that we are heading towards some major changes in 2017.

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ONUG Provides A Front Line View In The War On Stagnant Networking

The world of networking has two opposing forces, the customers and the vendors. Open networking has gotten a big boost from vendors in recent years through the efforts of groups like ONUG that advocate for customers, helping drive those requirements over to vendors for implementation.

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Software-Defined Networking: Not Just For Datacenters Anymore

Since its inception, software-defined networking (SDN) has primarily been viewed as a tool, driven in part by its fast acceptance through web-scale datacenters. But in reality there is an opportunity outside of the datacenter for SDN.

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The ‘Hybrid Cloud’ Dilemma

Everyone is talking about “Hybrid Clouds” but the definition is as stable as a house built on  a beach. Previously vendors talked about how elements of a single cloud could live in both public and private spaces. More recently, reality is saying that clouds will live in one or the other, not both. But customers will have a mix of public and private.

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Software-Defined Network Orchestration Arrives

Software-defined networking (SDN) is taking off, but the flexibility it brings only proves the point that if a business does not have flexible orchestration, the acceleration from SDN is hindered. Glue Networks delivers software-defined orchestration (SDO) to help ensure agility for today’s networks.

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Apstra’s AOS: Distributed Network OS

After years of CLI-driven networking, businesses are being held back by their networking as it focuses on the technical aspects and not the business aspects. Apstra is a pioneer, one of the first to form the idea of intent-based networking that approaches the issue of configuration and validation from the business perspective.

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Spring 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

A summary of the Spring 2106 meeting of the Open Networking User Group where leading customers have an opportunity to provide candid and concise input to the vendors who are creating products in the open networking space.

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Open Networking Continues Momentum

The customer demand for open networking continues to grow as customers tire of being tied into proprietary networking stacks that don’t match the dynamic needs of their current environments. Dell’s fully open networking portfolio is helping drive this momentum.

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