Will Software-Defined WAN Vendors Consolidate Or Be Consumed?

With all of the focus on software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) the market is primed for change. Will companies break out as leaders or will the entrenched leaders go on a spending spree to buy into this hot market?

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Fall 2015 ONUG Meeting Highlights

The Fall 2015 meeting of the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) gave customers a chance to hone their use cases and deliver the candid, critical feedback to vendors who are working on open networking products.

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Open Networking Is Gaining Steam, But Challenges Persist

While many point to the progress with open networking, the future, while bright, is not without its challenges. Adoption of open networking is see as positive by all except the entrenched hardware vendors but this does not mean that all of the obstacles are cleared.

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SD-WAN: Driving Business Benefits

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is changing the technology landscape, but more importantly, SD-WAN is having a real impact on the business side of the equation. SD-WAN vendor Silver Peak is recognized for the WAN expertise and driving the clear business benefits with SD-WAN.

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Can Broadband Change the WAN?

For years, wide area networks (WANs) were based on multi protocol label switching (MPLS) technology, but MPLS is very expensive and less flexible. A new generation of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) products are adding broadband to create hybrid WANs. Silver Peak is one of the leaders in this space.

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Spring 2015 ONUG Meeting Highlights

A summary of the various meetings and discussions from the Spring 2105 meeting of the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) where user needs flow into use cases that are shared with vendors who are delivering open networking products.

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Bringing Dev Ops to WAN Orchestration

The movement to dev ops was primarily focused on application development but Glue Networks brings the concepts of dev ops to WAN (and network orchestration) through their latest Glueware release.

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Fifty Shades of Open Networking

There is a continuum of open networking that covers the wide spectrum of needs and deployments. Customers are anxiously seeking change and Dell has a strategy to drive open across their entire networking product line.

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Bringing Intelligence to the Cloud Edge

As more data is being collected at the edge, the need for processing in place is growing as networks simply cannot handle the deluge. In this environment, ARM has the performance and low power CPUs that make processing at the edge a more reasonable proposition.

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Highlights of the Fall 2014 ONUG Meeting

Twice a year, the Open Networking User Group convenes to discuss needs, use cases and the future of networking. These meetings are especially candid and provide a great source of customer input for networking vendors.

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