Amplifi vs. Orbi – It’s Time for a Change

I have been working with mesh systems for quite a while now and have some new observations. I had begun the journey with Google WiFi, a product that checked all of my boxes and had incredible performance, right out of the box. However, what I quickly realized with Google was that their business model and lack of flexibility really became the real issue and that led me down the path of unplugging it and replacing it with Amplifi.

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CIOs Are Driving Digital Transformation

The drive for digital transformation is being led by the CIO. Because of the criticality of this transformational strategy, the CIO is finding a place at the table more often because their efforts are now driving the business, not just the infrastructure.

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Security Follows Compute to the Edge

Edge compute has become more prevalent as technologies like IoT are beginning to be deployed and more enterprises are becoming more distributed. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has a strategy to ensure security throughout the chain, from the datacenter to the edge.

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Predictive Maintenance: A Paradigm Shift

With IoT huge amounts of data are being generated at the edge, businesses that must deliver service to their end customers can now leverage this data to proactively deliver that service and optimize results. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has a full suite of capabilities to help drive this new innovation.

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IoT Analytics at the Edge

IoT is generating large amounts of data at the edge and this data is better served if it can be acted on at the edge versus being shuttled back and forth over the network. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has an edge compute strategy for handling IoT data in order to optimize its value and not bog down the network.

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The Internet of (Insecure) Things

The Internet of Things is exploding, but even faster than its rate of growth is the rate of known exploits. Manufacturers have built devices with little or no regard to security best practices and this is leaving customers and consumers exposed.

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IoT, Mobility, And SDN Are Changing Your Network, Are You Ready?

There is plenty afoot in the datacenter that is impacting networks, but the drive for new network technologies will not come from hardware or even networking software. True change will be driven by the applications that need a different network to support massive data needs.

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The Internet Of Things Is About Data, Not Things

The Internet of Things discussions typically center on devices, moving data and analysis, but most often the missing link is the actual data. The ability to capture and quickly analyze may make a business more agile, but if you can’t trust the data, moving quickly may simply shorten the time to error.

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