Sorting the hype from the truth with intent-based networking systems

Everyone is talking about intent-based networking these days, but because there is no great agreement on what it is, many people are trying to twist that around. The latest entrant to this is Cisco, who is trying to co-opt the trend. Where do we go from here?

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Scaling Up To Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing how businesses view their infrastructure, putting them in a position of needing technology to not only solve today’s immediate pressing needs, but also serve them well as they embark on a transformation of their business. Dell EMC understands this and has a new portfolio of PowerEdge servers that can scale to address digital transformation.

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OpenStack Storage: Maturity & Choice

As OpenStack continues to mature, the storage choices multiply, bringing private cloud deployments more flexibility in handling the explosion of data in the private cloud. Intel has been working behind the scenes and contributing to ensure a robust set of options for OpenStack storage deployment.

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Security Follows Compute to the Edge

Edge compute has become more prevalent as technologies like IoT are beginning to be deployed and more enterprises are becoming more distributed. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has a strategy to ensure security throughout the chain, from the datacenter to the edge.

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Predictive Maintenance: A Paradigm Shift

With IoT huge amounts of data are being generated at the edge, businesses that must deliver service to their end customers can now leverage this data to proactively deliver that service and optimize results. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has a full suite of capabilities to help drive this new innovation.

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IoT Analytics at the Edge

IoT is generating large amounts of data at the edge and this data is better served if it can be acted on at the edge versus being shuttled back and forth over the network. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has an edge compute strategy for handling IoT data in order to optimize its value and not bog down the network.

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Campus Networking Transformation

With so much focus on the datacenter, the campus networks are often lagging in innovation, but there is real value in updating campus networks in order to drive end user flexibility and productivity. Dell networking brings new choices in campus networks to help agile businesses succeed.

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Apstra’s AOS: Distributed Network OS

After years of CLI-driven networking, businesses are being held back by their networking as it focuses on the technical aspects and not the business aspects. Apstra is a pioneer, one of the first to form the idea of intent-based networking that approaches the issue of configuration and validation from the business perspective.

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Spring 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

A summary of the Spring 2106 meeting of the Open Networking User Group where leading customers have an opportunity to provide candid and concise input to the vendors who are creating products in the open networking space.

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Open Networking Continues Momentum

The customer demand for open networking continues to grow as customers tire of being tied into proprietary networking stacks that don’t match the dynamic needs of their current environments. Dell’s fully open networking portfolio is helping drive this momentum.

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