Software Is Eating The Network, Through SDNO

Marc Andressen said that “software will eat the world, but the change is not just in applications. Software also has the ability to consume the traditional network, and orchestration is the accelerator that can make this happen.

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Software-Defined Network Orchestration Arrives

Software-defined networking (SDN) is taking off, but the flexibility it brings only proves the point that if a business does not have flexible orchestration, the acceleration from SDN is hindered. Glue Networks delivers software-defined orchestration (SDO) to help ensure agility for today’s networks.

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OpenStack Network Maturity

OpenStack is an open solution for deploying private cloud in enterprises, but networking has always been the biggest challenge. New options for networking and overall maturity are quickly picking off those challenged and enabling OpenStack to become a more robust solution for private cloud.

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Campus Networking Transformation

With so much focus on the datacenter, the campus networks are often lagging in innovation, but there is real value in updating campus networks in order to drive end user flexibility and productivity. Dell networking brings new choices in campus networks to help agile businesses succeed.

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