After 25 years of technology sales and marketing I found myself out of runway when the startup I was working for exhausted its capital and had to close up shop. This put me in a position to take a chance and go to work for myself. And that changed everything. 

As an independent technology analyst and marketing consultant I continue to work in the technology sector. For the past four years I worked primarily as an analyst for Moor Insights & Strategy where I completed projects for large companies like AMD, ARM, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Everspan (Sony), HPE, IBM, Intel and others. But I am not limited to the large marquee enterprise customers; I’ve also worked with startups and smaller companies like Apstra, Glue Networks, Mojo Networks and Silver Peak.

If you are interested in my insights, you can find many of my shorter writings in the Moor Insights & Strategy contributions on where I cover networking.

Additionally I work on my own, contracting out to companies that are looking for marketing expertise but do not want all of the overhead and noise of a large consulting practice. Often, if you have an idea of what you are trying to do, I can bring an external customer view and plenty of years of enterprise experience to your project. I have done marketing projects for companies like Everspan and IFS, as well as created web sites for KnuEdge, KnuVerse and KNUPATH.

If you would like to keep up to date with what I am working on or thinking about, then follow me on Twitter.

All of my work history and accomplishments can be seen in my LinkedIn profile. Copies of my articles and research papers can be found on my LinkedIn profile, with the exception of some of the internal-only work that I have done for customers and cannot be shared. Please note that I only accept LinkedIn connections from people that I know, I have done business with in the past or I am currently working with.