Sony’s Optical Archive Could Kill Tape Data Archiving

Tape is dead. While seen as an inexpensive solution for archiving, the fragility and capacity can’t keep up with today’s storage needs. Sony, a leader in tape technology, is actually the driving force behind Everspan, the technology that can render tape useless with optical technology.

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Everspan Changes Archiving

With the ability to store over 180PB of data in a small form factor that can last for up to 100 years, Everspan is delivering an optical archiving solution for those industries that demand a low-cost archival solution with a nearly infinite lifespan.

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Has Optical Archiving Come of Age?

For years, tape ruled the archival roost, but unfortunately tape was an expensive and time consuming proposition due to its service life and fragile state. Hard drives became an archival medium but were more expensive, consumed more power and were heavy. Optical archiving can change all of this, led by Sony, an innovator in data storage.

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