Cisco UCS: True System Innovation

Most servers today have a 20+ year legacy, which can be a hindrance to true flexibility because they are mired in the past. Cisco built its UCS product from a clean sheet of paper, designing a system, not a server, in order to tackle the compute challenges of both today and the future.

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Cisco And Apple: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows?

While most consider Cisco Systems and Apple to be at different ends of the technology spectrum, their relationship as endpoint and network controllers is deepening with announcements that tie the two together.

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Pay Attention IT: A New Convergence is Afoot

Convergence is being driven by business needs – the idea that IT can live in stove pipes, content with their different domains is a fallacy that cannot last. Cisco sees a converged future for servers, networking and storage as the market shifts towards application centricity.

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