This is a very picturesque place out on the ocean with a temple and walkway out to the water and plenty to see.

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A large temple area southwest of Tokyo that includes a large Buddha and other scenic things to see. We had stopped for lunch and to see the sights.

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Kyoto is the original traditional capital of Japan before it was moved to Tokyo. There are many temples here including the gold and silver temples. Interestingly, the silver was better; the gold pagoda is a single building, the silver includes more interesting sights on the grounds.

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This city is only a quick train ride from Osaka and is full of deer. Deer everywhere. They are protected animals and rom freely all over the city, especially around the temple grounds. You can feed the deer and they sell special food that you can use.

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Osaka is a business center for Japan, west of Tokyo. We took a bullet train to Osaka and spent a couple days roaming around the castle, doing day trips to nearby cities and enjoying all of the incredible food.

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I have been to Tokyo a dozen times over the years, mostly for business, and every time it amazes me with its scale and efficiency. An amazing city that feels so vibrant, clean, and very orderly. Great food, easy to get around and so scenic.

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This fish market in Tokyo is incredible, you could spend a day just walking the aisles and seeing all of the different fresh fish available. Great restaurants nearby for the freshest sushi and if you get there before 6AM you may get to see a tuna auction.

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