Rainy Lake

While this is not a vacation destination for most, we have been traveling there for almost 40 years, with plenty of fish pulled out of those waters. In the last 15 or so years we’ve been practicing catch and release so that the fish are there for us the following year.

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Toronto is a great city and the people are some of the friendliest that you will ever find. I’ve generally only traveled there in colder weather, so I can’t say much for the outdoor scenes, but the food is good and everyone really enjoys a good laugh. This is always a business city for me but one day I would like to get up there for the other things that Toronto has to offer.

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Vancouver is a taste of Asia right here in North America. It’s a great city, easy to get around in and fund to hang out – especially during the summer. Winters are more temperate than other places in Canada because of its proximity to the warm winds on Canada’s western coast. The food is incredible and the culture is vibrant. We were there during the summer and people make the most of the daylight – everyone is outside. Plenty of biking trails throughout the city and the buses and trains are great.

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We spent a few of days in Victoria, and truth be told, we probably would have been better off spending more time in Vancouver and less time in Victoria. One day in the city and one day at Butchart Gardens would have been enough. That last day in Victoria had us itching to get to Vancouver. Nice place to spend a couple of days and if you are a fan of gardens, the Butchart Gardens cannot be missed. 

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