Lenovo’s Scalable Solutions For SAP Applications

SAP applications scale vertically as most x86-based solutions scale horizontally. Lenovo recognizes this challenge and their portfolio of highly scalable systems with massive memory footprints make them an excellent platform for deploying SAP.

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Lenovo Brings Azure Stack On Premises

As more businesses contemplate a move to the cloud, there are requirements that prevent them from moving all of their applications off-premises. Microsoft Azure Stack can drive consistency across both public and private clouds and Lenovo is one of the first to bring Azure Stack to customers’ datacenters.

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Understanding Lenovo’s Server Position

The server market is generally seen as a 2-horse race between Dell and Hewlett-Packard (now HPE), but Lenovo has the potential to be a spoiler in this race. With the assets of IBM’s server business and an exceptionally-focused supply chain, Lenovo has an opportunity to crash the party.

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